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PRINCE2® is a popular project management methodology trusted all over the world for the amount of control it brings to projects, ensuring they deliver less risk and more value.

As a project manager, knowing PRINCE2® will mean you are in the company of thousands of other project managers around the world who also utilise this method.

With greater control over projects, you will be able to ensure they meet their objectives by carefully monitoring them every step of the way from initiation to completion.

A PRINCE2® qualification shows that, as a project manager or member of a project team, you know what you're talking about when it comes to PRINCE2. You understand its processes and terminology, and, if you're a PRINCE2® Practitioner, understand how to apply its guidance to a scenario. The qualification is invaluable for any project management professional, especially as many project management positions require it as prerequisite.

For Businesses and Organisations

Implementing PRINCE2® throughout an organisation means that project teams all share a common approach no matter what size or type of project they are working on.

PRINCE2® ensures that all project staff know what is expected of them at each stage in terms of responsibilities and deliverables.

By continually evaluating projects according to their viability and likelihood of success, PRINCE2® ensures valuable business resources are used wisely and efficiently. This in turn means that the needs of stakeholders are met, and that they play an increased role as overseers of each project.

Equipping project staff with PRINCE2® Foundation means they will understand the components of PRINCE2® and be able to work effectively in a team which utilises it. Those with the PRINCE2® Practitioner qualification will understand how to utilise PRINCE2® in order to manage projects and deliver great results.


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