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Prince2® Training

Our Training Courses have been taught in over 35 Locations in the UK alone.

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PRINCE2® Online Training

Our online PRINCE2® courses are growing to become very popular with in Project Management.

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What is PRINCE2®? 

PRINCE2® which stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments is a project management based certification that’s provided by PRINCE2 and is designed to teach individuals about how to work effectively in a project management team. This certification is used frequently in the private sector and provides detailed guidance on project management.


PRINCE2® Methods of training

PRINCE2® is a project management based certification that can be taught in a number of ways based on the candidate’s needs. You can take one of PRINCE2® classroom courses at PRINCE2 which is held at a state of the art modern venue, we will provide you with an experienced instructor who will help to give you the confidence required to pass the course.

PRINCE2 has an online training option will allow you to take the PRINCE2® online courses at any location with an active internet connection, this allows you to train at any time of your choice within the comfort of your own home.

The final method that PRINCE2 provides is onsite training where you can take a course at your own workplace, this is good for employers as they can keep track of their workers whilst also providing them with crucial training that can make them more effective in the workplace.  


PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner

The PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner training course is provided by PRINCE2 and can help you to become fully qualified as a project manager and earn a valuable PRINCE2® certification. On this course you are required to take 2 exams with one for the foundation course and the other one for the practitioner course.


PRINCE2® Foundation

This PRINCE2® training course is provided by PRINCE2 and is designed to teach individuals who have an interest in project management and want to learn the skills required to land an entry role in the project management industry.


PRINCE2® Practitioner

The PRINCE2® Practitioner training course is provided by PRINCE2 and requires the candidate to have previously completed the Foundation qualification and will help you to expand on your knowledge of PRINCE2 ®.

Benefits of having a PRINCE2® qualification?

Individuals with a PRINCE2® qualification will stand out in the job market and have a greater chance of being recognised by large employers. You will have a good level of knowledge about project management and also know how to work effectively in a project management team.


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