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What is Prince 2

There is a lot of talk about PRINCE2 recently, but does anyone know what it means? A lot of customers come and talk to us about taking a PRINCE2 course but are not too sure what it's about. Hopefully if you read this, you will be able to figure out what is Prince 2 and why should you learn the methodology.   What does PRINCE2 stand for? PRINCE2 is the accronym for Projects in Controlled Evironments (version 2). It was originally called "PROMPT II in the CCTA Environment...

Advantages of Business Training

Today many organisations are resorting to giving their employees business training so that they can learn whilst working and help to build valuable skills that can drive the organisation forward. By providing business training organisations can put employees in specific job roles by teaching them in a specific way that is unique to the organisation. By providing business training the organisation can decrease its staff turnover as employees feel more loyal and can see the opportunity to...

Five ways project manager enhances your career

Five ways project manager enhances your career   Most business require effective project management as resources and employees need to be manged in order to maximise their assets. If a business project is managed successfully, it will be because of effective project management. In addition, becoming a project manager has positive prospects in terms of job opportunities. Project Management training has a range benefits for you; one of them is improving customer satisfaction. One of...


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